Boost Productivity

Eliminate missed messages
Failure to notice a single Lync message could cost you time, money, or even potential customers. Install LyncNotifier today and never miss a critical message again.

Improve response time
LyncNotifier is designed to draw your attention to incoming messages. And our QuickReply feature allows you to respond immediately without even disrupting your train of thought.

Increase User efficiency
LyncNotifier promotes efficiency by maintaining your messages until you can effectively process them. Saving your time by eliminating unnecessary mouse clicks and window sorting creates a noticeably more efficient work environment.

Individual Customization
Choice from a variety of options that afford each user complete control over the features and functions of LyncNotifier. Select or even disable glow color and glow size, add a delay to your notifications, pause or disable notifications during meetings, or even add an audible alert to your notifications. There are many options to choose from.