LyncNotifier 2013

Operating without LyncNotifier

Microsoft Lync's initial message notifications gently fade in and out of view in a matter of seconds and can easily be overlooked -- especially if you use multiple monitors. And since follow-up messages go straight to the taskbar with nothing more than a subtle glow, they could easily go unnoticed indefinitely. In today's business, multitasking is a crucial building block of successful time management. Unfortunately, in our efforts to maximize productivity through multitasking, we can easily miss out on critical Lync messages that can have a major impact on our success.

Persistent Notifications

Microsoft Lync Notifications only appear for the first message in a conversation. And even then, it disappears within a few seconds... LyncNotifier presents a notification for EACH incoming message and it remains visible until it is either accepted or declined by the user. Thanks to LyncNotifier, missed messages can be a thing of the past.

Full Message Preview

Take a quick look at the entire message before engaging in the discussion. Sometimes, you may want to know what a new Lync message is about before choosing to respond. LyncNotifier's Full Message Preview gives you the power to preview your incoming messages, even before accepting the conversation. Using our Full Message Preview feature, you can easily prioritize incoming messages based on importance, urgency or your own availability.

Quick Reply

So you're working on a critical project with a tight deadline when you receive an incoming message. Using our message preview function you are able to quickly determine that you need to respond, but you don't want to lose your train of thought... Well, LyncNotifier's Quick Reply feature allows you to send your response without even opening the conversation window. By simply right clicking the notification you can type your reply and get back to your project. LyncNotifier helps you stay focused on your work and reduce costly interruptions.

Completely Customizable

Change the color of the glowing borders to your favorite. Adjust the size of the glowing color borders. Make it appear thick or reduce it to a sleek border. Add a delay prior to displaying the message notification. Play your favorite audio alert when a message is received. Play once, or repeat the alert at configurable intervals. (Available only in LyncNotifier 2013) You can temporarily disable notifications. This comes handy to reduce interruptions during important meetings or presentations.